Madness Again

This past year has seen all kinds of madness in my life! But, THAT is NOT what this blog is about.  Last month, a different kind of madness descended on my house (and everywhere else I go with project bag in had). It is time for Sock Madness 10. It is not my tenth year, only my second, but it is a hoot and I am, after some trepidation, back at it

Right now, I am between rounds. The current round ends at the latest on April 18th at 5:40 pm EDT, and then then there is usually a day or two before the next pattern drops, so I  hope to have a good time to rest between these rounds. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to knit, but not at the mad rate that I need to use for Sock Madness.

Today, I finished round 3 of this year madness, with my beautiful, but painful to knit New Zealand inspired Waimakariri (a river in New Zealand) socks by Sonya Newstead. These are lovely and comfortable to wear. They have a lovely toe treatment and are comfortable. However they are almost impossible to get over the ankle. A good blocking is needed I think. image_medium2

These were a surprisingly challenging knit with lots of M1Rs (my least favourite of the increases) and complex movements of the cables all done with written directions. I am a chart kind of person. Written directions and I do not get along, except as a way of verifying what I think I see in a chart. The design is lovely, but when I first saw the pattern, I really did not expect to be as challenged with these as I was.

The previous two rounds were more challenging than last years first rounds. First there were the delightful SlipStripSpiral socks by Mylene Pipers. These were fun and relatively easy, however her instructions combined several different bits of patterning, so it was a bit confusing to sort out. However, the resulting socks are fun!


The second pattern was Ronni Smith’s Rose and Thorn Socks. After a harrowing beaded provisional cast-on it was smooth sailing for the rest of the sock. Next time I do a beaded provisional cast-on, I will do it differently. The socks turned out beautifully and I do love me a hemmed edge on my knitted things.





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