Faster, faster!

Thank goodness that there are faster ways of creating fabric than knitting or even crocheting.
A few days ago, DH and I finally assembled the lovely 24″ Kromski Harp I got as a gift last year. It is lovely to behold!
I warped it the next day. This took a few hours, especially when I wound the warp and it was somewhat wonky. I rewound it and it is much better now.My new Harp and its first warp.
On Saturday I wove the first of three throws/blankets on this warp. These are tiny blankets meant to cover the knees of residents at a local nursing home. They go very quickly.

My new Harp and its first warp.
The first blanket was a houndstooth weave. I am quite pleased with it. Actually, it is an elongated houndstooth weave because I was unable to beat the weft (the yarns going across) to match the spacing of the warp. But, it is still lovely.
The second blanket was begun on Sunday (yesterday). I wove a few picks and hemstitched the beginning. At first I was not crazy about the colour combination. This morning I wove for a while and got to about 16″ of length. I really like it now and am glad that I decided not to rip it out yesterday!

My new Harp and its first warp.

Must finish this one and do one more on this warp. Then I will rewarp the loom and make a few more of these as Christmas gifts for some of the residents. These are part of a long term project started last year, where I wanted to make a shawl or throw for all the residents on the same ward as two of my relatives. I was going along beautifully, but lost track somewhere along the way, and now I need to get some more done quickly. This is my solution and I am loving it!

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