At long last, a 2014 FO!


January has been kind of bizarre, both in terms of life and in terms of knitting. I started the year off with several problem projects that I wanted to address and several planned projects. I have really made little progress on any of those, but have finally finished a project. This was an only vaguely planned project that somehow made it to the front of my queue.

Late last year, a number of people in my knitting group were planning a KAL (knit along) of the Juneberry shawl by Jared Flood. I ad admired the shawl for a long time, but somehow it had never reached my queue. I decided to join in and then promptly relegated the thought to the back of my head. In January, I saw everyone’s progress on the beautiful shawl and decided to launch in, even though I have a ton of projects already on the go (this is so unlike me, HA!).

I decided to use stash yarn, though I really, really wanted to go out and get beautiful, luxurious, yummy yarn to knit this with.  I pulled out what little worsted weight I had in an appropriate quantity and started knitting. One of the members of my group did a lovely i-cord edge and so I followed suit and it really added a lot to the look of the shawl. She, brilliantly, did a faux i-cord and I did a really i-cord where I slipped the stitches on every second row. This was a mistake as the sides of the shawl are not as stretchy as I prefer. I corrected this on the bottom and did two i-cord rows before starting the next row. This worked much better.

I was making great progress and was well on my way to finishing when I got sick and felt so awful that I did not knit for four days!  I slowly started back on knitting as I worked on the shawl and recovered from a nasty flu.

Now, my beautiful, thick, and warm Currantberry shawl is blocking and I get to sit for a few minutes and smile as I take in my first FO of 2014. On to other projects, including the Husband socks that may never be.  But that is another story.


The photo at the top left is the shawl just off the needles, the bottom left is after the shawl has been soaked and spun out and the photo on the right is the shawl blocked and drying.

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