Advent Adventure

For the past several years, I have admired and at the same time, thought just a bit crazy, a group of ladies that knit an advent shawl during the first 24 days of December. Gee, do these knit-wits (pun definitely intended) have nothing better to do with their December? Do they not have baking to do, homes to decorate, presents to make or buy and wrap, cooking to do, parties to go to?

Last year, during 2012, I made the 2010 shawl over several months, during the summer. I loved the result. My friend loved the result, so much so, that I gave it to her.

Advent Scarf completed in 2012

This year, I too consider myself a knit-wit, you know, one of those people. In between the baking, making and buying and wrapping of presents, the house decorating, the cleaning, the preparing of food and the parties, I too am knitting the Advent Calendar Shawl, well more of a scarf (I am making mine half width). So far, I am loving it and have been able to keep up. Stay tuned to see if that continues.

You can see my progress and detail photos of each day on my Ravelry project page. Here is a photo of the first 8 days (very quickly dry blocked). Wow, one third of the way done already!

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