A flare up of Cast-onitis

In the recent past, I have been pretty good at working steadily on projects. However, this last week my cast-onitits has flared up. In addition to the two shawls I have been working on (my Hy Shawl and my Hip Hip Horai), I cast on a pair of socks and started a crochet project.


The socks are for a retreat I am going to next month. The pattern is named after and designed for the Gatineau hills (where the retreat will take place). I chose this stunning colour way because we (and everyone else for miles around) often go to the Gatineau Hills in the fall to look at the changing leaves. The colours in this yarn reflect that beautifully.  

As is oh so typical for me, this is not just any crochet project, but one with stitches which not only am I not familiar with, but which I am sure human hands were not designed. The crossed double post crochets are meant to be done with the second stitch behind the first. That means that once you have done the first stitch, you go behind this stitch, enter the from the front to the back and then to the front again on the post of the previous stitch and then have to slip through to the back of the first stitch to yo, then retrace your path to complete the stitch. Yikes!  The puff stitches make me realize that I probably have never learned to crochet correctly in the first place, because my crocheting method makes it actually impossible to complete this 8 dhc puff.  Well, at least I am learning.

I chose to do a crochet shawl for its speed and because I really enjoy crocheting occasionally. So far, at this learning stage in this shawl, I am neither going quickly nor am I really enjoying it. However, once I have the method figured out, I am sure it will be a fun though challenging and probably not quick project.

Luckily, the few brain cells left in my possession, encouraged me to do a swatch before undertaking this project and so I am getting to learn the stitches on a small scale and on a swatch were mistakes really don’t matter. This swatch has extra rows and stitches so the ridge near the bottom will not be there on the finished shawl.


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2 Responses to A flare up of Cast-onitis

  1. Sounds like you are challenging yourself. Good on you. Love the colours in your sock yarn. I have some similar that i shall be using v. Soon. 🙂


  2. jennamakesthings says:

    Hi ya! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. ♥ It’s a nice way to recognise up and coming bloggers. Find out more at http://jennamakesthings.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/liebster-award-♥/


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