Queen’s Shawl is done.

Queen’s Shawl

Here is a photo of my Queen’s Shawl gently flapping in the still wintery breeze of spring. (This week however, the temperatures will definitely me more springlike with expected highs above the freezing mark every day!)

I was rather surprised that this turned out to be another green shawl (the third in only a few months). On the skein and even knitting with it, the Aquas Malabrigo Sock yarn looked like distinctly teal (a greenish blue) but all made up the greens in the yarn dominate.

The shawl is lovely and rather large (about 60″ or 150 cm) diameter. However, it is not large enough. I was hoping for something that would wrap me up and keep me warm on these chilly spring evenings, but this does not quite do the trick. I know for next time that a round shawl with only 160 rows (and 705 sts per row) is too small.

Regardless, it is beautiful and I love to look at it and to feel it draped around my shoulders keeping those and the upper half of my arms nice and warm.

I have already started my next shawl with Malabrigo Sock. This one will be different is shape, design and colour. It is in various shades and hues of purple (gee, I hope it doesn’t turn into a green shawl too!). This is really a wonderful yarn to work with. I am really enjoying it.

Malabrigo Sock (Lotus)


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