More shawls in progress!

My mother loves the blue Holiday Holiday shawl that she chose for her birthday, but did hint heavily mention that a shawl in pink would be perfect for her. I am not a huge pink fan, but when I saw my friend Purrcy’s shawl knit up in a a Malabrigo pink sock I wanted it. My mother’s hints mention of a pink shawl gave me the perfect excuse to buy this yummy yarn. As I started designing a shawl for her, I decided that the perfect shape would be a portion of a pi shawl. As I have never done a pi shawl or anything like it before, I thought I would experiment first and started on my Queen’s Lace shawl. Once it is finished and blocked, on to my mother’s shawl. This will give me a good idea about size when I am knitting hers. I love how the shadows from the sunlight in this photo show the lace in silhouette. 

Since most of my projects are more complex lace, I needed a fairly mindless and easy project for carrying around and chose the beautiful, ethereal Horai Scarf.  In progress, it is really not very attractive at all, the proverbial “dog’s breakfast”. This shawl will go from ugly duckling to beautiful swan during the blocking process. 

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