12 Shawls in 2013?

Shawls and shawl makers have had my admiration for a long time. About two or three years ago, I found a bunch of crazy admirable and adventurous knitters, crocheters and weavers who committed to knitting many shawls during a single year. I admired them, but could not see myself doing it, even though I longed to.

Last year, my finished projects included three shawls and several shawlettes, plus lots of scarves and other things. So, this year, I finally feel like I am ready for the challenge.

I joined the 12 Shawls Forever group at Ravelry and have committed to knitting (or crocheting or weaving) a dozen shawls during 2013. So far, things are going well. In January, I finished and submitted a shawl called Mysterious Fingers because it was a mystery shawl that started off my knitting a long and laborious stretch of cast on/bind of fingers. It is a pattern my Joji Locatelli, called Echoes of Color.

In February, I finished another mystery, called Springtime in January, a bright springy green shawl that I started in January. It is from the pattern Aimatia by SusannaIC.

A few days later, I finished yet another mystery shawl, Tempting Fate (my version of Temptress by Boo Knits). This was originally going to be for my mom for her 84th birthday, but as she kept admiring my Holiday Holiday as I wore it, for her birthday, I gave her the choice between the two and she chose the brighter blue Holiday Holiday. So I get to keep my Tempting Fate. Yippee. It is beautiful and made from the softest yarn I have ever had the pleasure of knitting with, a Lichtfaden silk and baby camel blend. 

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