One Row Lace Scarf 2

Here is the second in the one row lace series of scarf “patterns”. This a basic faggoting done across the width and the length of the scarf. imageYou can use any yarn, though wool yarns will block the best. Use needles that are larger than those recommended on the ball band to create a lacier look. For my sample scarf (the beige one), I used bulky yarn with 8mm (size 11) needles. The ball band called for 6mm (size 10) needles.image

This scarf was done by casting on 16 stitches (though any multiple of 2+2 will work).

Every row: Sl1 wyif, *yo, ssk, repeat from * to the end, k1.

Bind off (or cast off) with a loose bind off.

A PDF of the pattern with all the details is available from my Ravelry store. Follow my blog to get updates when new patterns are posted!

If you knit this is a natural fibre and block it, you will really open up the lace and bring out its real beauty.image

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3 Responses to One Row Lace Scarf 2

  1. Carina says:

    Thanks for posting the pattern. There is still one question left (at least for me and google won’t help …): what does “ask” stand for?


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