One Row Lace Scarf 1

This is the first of a series of super easy lace scarf patterns. Well, the word pattern is a bit grand for what these are really. Perhaps idea or concept might be a bit more appropriate.


This lovely scarf is just about the easiest lace in the world. You just cast on an appropriate number of stitches, repeat four simple stitches until your scarf is as long as you want it or until you are almost out of yarn, then bind off (or cast off). That is it. Really!

This particular scarf was done by casting on 20 stitches (though any multiple of 4 will work). Slip the first stitch of every row, this counts as the first knit stitch of the k2 in the pattern.

Every row: *K2, yo, k2tog, repeat from * to the end.

Bind off (or cast off).

If you knit this is a natural fibre and block it, you will really open up the lace and bring out its real beauty as below.


A PDF with this pattern is available at my Ravelry store.

There are more free patterns coming soon. Follow my blog to be informed of when that happens!


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2 Responses to One Row Lace Scarf 1

  1. Shirley Graves says:

    What size needles and type of yarn for this pattern.?


    • magdamakes says:

      The pattern for One Row Lace Scarf 1 (just click on the name to be taken there) is available on Ravelry for download and all the information is there. You do not have to be a member of Revelry to download this pattern.

      The pattern as shown was done in worsted weight yarn on 6 mm needles (size 10 US), however you can make it in any weight with any needles you like. To get a lacier effect (as in the pictured scarf) , use needles that are larger than those recommended on the ball band.


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