Teacher Gifts – Coptic stitched books

Ahh, I just finished binding 11 coptic stitched books to be given to my son’s teachers and staff as end of year gifts. One of the books is already wrapped, but ten others are not.

The covers are made from canvas boards (the kind artists use to paint to on). My son painted each board, front and back.

The boards have holes cut in them to allow each book to be sewn together.

Each book has 140 pages of 24 pound (90 gsm) paper bound in 7 sections. Each of the 385 pages was folded individually and assembled into signatures of 5 sheets each. Each signature was punched in five spots with to create sewing holes.

These signatures were sewn to the two boards using a coptic stitch with waxed cotton thread. One of the books was done with a rather thick thread, but a I found that the thread was too thick for this application, so the rest of the books were sewn with thinner thread.

Coptic stitch binding allows the book to lie flat and so is a perfect binding for sketch and notebooks. 

The process of bookbinding is so satisfying. I am pleased with the result and hope the recipients will be as well. 

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One Response to Teacher Gifts – Coptic stitched books

  1. Doréus says:

    It’s really unfortunate that so far none of my students have thought of such nice gifts…


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